Outdoor dining table

We were commissioned to design an outdoor dining table for the new Street Kitchen shop in Broadgate Circle, London.

Our 100% handmade and 100% British ethos really stood out to them and we were keen to work with a young and exciting company.

We worked alongside the Street Kitchen team to create unique tables that made their shop front stand out but were also practical within the small space they had available. They also wanted the tables to tie in with the their logo as well as their fresh and clean aesthetic.

We believe the resulting tables, which sit at the front and rear of the shop, really do catch the eye of passing Londoners looking for lunch.

Street Kitchen create simple and healthy bistro style dishes. They serve there food in take away boxes from three locations around London. They use 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from farms so there produce is super fresh and super tasty! They are an exciting new company and they're locations are culinary hot spots in London.