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Cube Stools & Frame Table

Coffee Table Hire from Gas&Air Studios.

We have a unique range of coffee tables available that can be hired out for events. Each table can be hired out individually or as sets along with some of our stools and benches.

Please get in touch for more details. Prices, sizes and images can be seen below.

*The Low Oil Drum Tables can be customised in a variety of colours.

Item Size Hire Period £
Squared Table [W]: 0.55m [D] 0.55m [H] 0.45m 1-3 Days £5
Low Table [W]: 0.9m [D] 0.9m [H] 0.27m 1-3 Days £7
Frame Table [W]: 0.5m [D] 0.5m [H] 0.5m 1-3 Days £5
Pallet Table [W]: 0.4m [L] 0.8m [H] 0.35m 1-3 Days £5
Low Oil Drum Table (customisable) [W]: 0.6m [D] 0.6m [H] 0.45m 1-3 Days £7
Add 4 Stools 1-3 Days + £16
coffee table hire

Squared Table

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Low Oil Drum Table & Stools

Low Table & Stools

Pallet Table & Stools