planter hire

planter hire

Box Planter

Box Planter with drinks shelf

planter hire

1.2m Wall Planter

Planter Hire from Gas&Air Studios.

We have a range of unique Box Planter and 1.2m long self sdtanding Wall Planters. All of which can be hired out for your event. 

Both the Box Planters and Walls Planters can have plants and flowers added to them. 

To see some bespoke wall planters we build for a project in 2019 please click here

Item Size Hire Period £
Box Planter 0.35m x 0.35m x 0.6m 1-3 Days £5
Box Planter with Drinks Shelf 0.35m x 0.35m x 0.6m 1-3 Days £8
1.2m Wall Planter [L] 1.2m x [H] 1m 1-3 Days £5 (£7 with drinks shelf)
Box Planter & 4 Stools 1-3 Days £21 / set

Wall Planter with drinks shelf

Box Planter & Stools