Bar Stool Hire

We have various styles of stools available for hire; tall bar stools, small Sqaured and Cube stools and our unique Padded stools.

All  are handmade from reclaimed timber, extremely robust and perfect for any indoor or outdoor event, large or small.

Please see images and prices below.

Please note, our Cube Stools can be also be used as tables.

Pricing (1-3 Day Hire)

Item Price
Tall Bar Stool / Ht: 70cm £5
Squared Stool / Ht: 35cm £4
Padded Stool / Ht: 40cm £6
Cube Stool / Ht: 45cm £5
Squared Stools (x4) & Squared Table (x1) Set £21 / set
Squared Stools (x4) & Pallet Table (x1) Set £21 / set
bar stool hire

Tall Bar Stool

With one of our Poseur Tables

With one of our Oil Drum Tables

Squared Stools

small stool hire

Squared Stool

Squared Stool & Table Set

Squared Stools & Pallet Table

Padded Stools

padded stools

Padded stool

table and stool hire

With our Folding Trestle

Cube Stool/Table

cube stool hire

Cube Stools

2 Cubes & Squared Table

cube stool

4 Cubes & Frame Table