Festoon pole hire

festoon pole hire

Festoon Poles


Bunting Poles

Our festoon and bunting poles are available to hire for events across the UK.

The free standing poles mean you do not have to go through the hassle of hammering poles into the ground for your festoon lights or bunting. This not only saves your grass from damage but it also saves time. It is a very simple way of adding some beautiful touches to your event.

The poles are sturdy and heavy enough to hold two sets of lights up to 5m apart.

For more details on our festoon and bunting poles as well our selection of festoon lights please get in touch.

Item Price 1-3 / Day Hire / Incl. VAT
Festoon Pole (H: 2m) £8
Buntin Pole (H: 2m) £8
Festoon Lights - warm light (5m length) £8
Festoon Lights - white light (5m length) £6