Directional Sign Posts

directional sign posts

Our directional sign posts are available to hire for events across the UK.

The free standing poles means that you do not have to go through the hassle of hammering poles into the ground. This not only saves your grass from damage but it also saves time. It is a very simple way of adding a unique and fun touch to your event. 

They are perfect for an outdoor wedding or for any sized festival. 

We are able to modify your post to include as many directional arrows as you need. The post in the image has 5 arrows. Arrow text examples include 'Toilets this Way', 'Fire Pit' and 'Dancing!'.

The sign posts are £12 + VAT each to hire for 1-3 day hire. This includes 5 directional arrows but does not include the arrow lettering.

For more details on our directional sign posts please get in touch.

Directional Sign Post