Christmas Market Pallet Hut

In December 2014 we were asked to build a market stall/mini pallet house to display the amazing work of Curious Fair & friends for the Pullens Yard Open Studios in Kennington, London.

Working with pallets in this way is extremely versatile and effective. The hut was a simple  structure that we were able to put up in under 4 hours and take down in under an hour. It is also a very cost effective way of creating an inhabitable, friendly and fun space for a market stall or food stool or for any event!

We used a tarpaulin over the roof for protection from the rain and we doubled layered the back wall for extra protection from the wind.

Curious Fair and co. were able to present their products clearly and it brought them out of their studio space and into the open and closer to the customers!

pallet hut

The Christmas market at Iliffe Yard is part of the Open Studios event that takes place every year before Christmas at Pullens Yard. It involves over 70 artists, makers and architects from Iliffe Yard and neighbouring studios at Peacock Yard and Clemence Yard. It is is a fantastic event set in some of London’s most beautiful Victorian working yards.

pallet hut 8


pallet hut


pallet hut 5